Incorporating meditation into your facial routine

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Why and how to incorporate mindfulness in your skincare routine to bring out the glow from within.

Meditation is known to make you feel great and feeling great makes you a healthier human being. The fact that our skin is created from cells which are directly linked to our nervous system means that our brain, thoughts and emotions definitely make an impact to our skin. If we know that our mind, body and soul is interconnected we need to begin to see skin and health holistically.

If we are always crying or upset and wiping away tears from our eyes - We will be applying that friction and stress to the under eye - this causes fine lines, dark circles and cell damage. If we are always laughing, smiling or feeling neutral - The wrinkles, lines or plumpness will show in other places.

Our emotions are constantly making us react. Any reaction to emotion may it be facial movements, unhealthy habits such as emotional eating, drinking or smoking causes a significant affect to our skin from the inside out.

Do your check in with yourself? Give yourself 10 minutes to meditate while you have a face mask on. That way you kill two birds with one stone.

How to meditate

Once you've applied your mask on, instead of jumping onto your phone and scrolling through instagram - my favourite thing to do is to open my meditation app called Calm or use this 10 minute meditation that I found on Youtube.

Good luck!

Please comment below and tell me how you go? Did you like the guided meditation? How did you feel after?

Stay kind and beautiful,


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