How to take care of your skin in your teens

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I wish I was told this when I was a teen.

Gone are the days of my wild teenage years - filled with outdoor fun, late nights, junk food, overly exfoliated skin and home job hair bleaching with very little focus on keeping my skin and body balanced.

Luckily, during your teenage years, your skin will be plump and bouncy. It is only until your hormones begin to spike and your environmental factors change is when you will begin to notice an increase in oil production, acne and breakouts.

The story of your skin begins to unfold and change throughout your whole life. Your lifestyle and genetics determines the ageing process.

Taking care of your skin at a young age will help to build a great foundation for your life long journey with the ever changing beauty of your skin and health.

What I recommend.

It is vital to start using sun protection i.e. an SPF 30+ or a moisturiser with zinc. Ultra violet lights or UV rays being to take affect on your skin from the day you are born. This means that any damage that has been made to the inner layers of the skin will not be seen until a few years down the track.

Maintain a balanced diet that includes fermented foods. Keep in mind that your gut health is extremely important when it comes to skincare.

Sometimes when problem skin conditions do not respond well to skin care treatments, the source of the issue may actually be in the gut. Gut problems and indigestion can actually affect the way your body retains the nutrients found in your diet, leading to poor absorption of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to keep skin looking healthy and potentially worsening existing skin conditions. Balance your gut with probiotics and fermented foods, my fave are kimchi (pickled cabbage) and pickled carrots.

Staying hydrated

We are all made of water, 70% to be exact! I really only began to push myself to drink more water at the age of 24 years old. I know, not good! But you have to being somewhere. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated, plump and healthy.

If you aren't enjoying water, I highly recommend trying filtered alkaline water. It tastes so much better and actually hydrates you a lot better than normal tap or bottled water.

Stay kind and beautiful,


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