5 best places to practice meditation

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

A little blog about my favourite meditation spots and why

My top 5 places to practice meditation would be -

1. By the ocean

2. In bed

3. In my meditation room

4. Out in nature sitting on grass

5. At a studio

I find the most relaxing place to meditate is at home in bed first thing in the morning. There is no effort needed, just wake up, sit up and begin.

You can literally meditate anywhere. It can be on the toilet, in the shower, out with friends - literally anywhere!

Meditating by the ocean

Listening to the sound of the ocean is incredible.

To begin find a comfortable, safe place to sit with the ocean in front of you.

Close your eyes and being to meditate.

After 15 minutes, slowly bring yourself back to reality and open your eyes.

The feeling of opening your eyes to the ocean and its serenity will leave you feeling so refreshed.

Meditating in bed

Meditating in bed is so damn effortless. This is my go-to morning routine.

I open my eyes, have a drink from the glass of water right next to me that I prepared from the night before.

My blinds are usually already open and I have the natural light wake me up every morning.

I really love waking up to the sun.

Then I sit up, put a pillow behind my back so Im not slouching.

I turn the calm app on and do a daily calm session.

After 10 minutes I'm feeling so refreshed and ready to start my day.

Meditating in my meditation room after training

I created a space at my house for the purpose of fitness and meditation, don't worry if you don't have space - that's okay! Create one of the floor beside your bed or anywhere that no one will bother you.

I usually do this meditation after I have done a heavy, sweaty work out.

For fun and sweaty work outs - use this link to POPSUGAR FITNESS. Their workouts are amazing and I recommend their classes so much. It's fun, interactive and you get hella sweaty.

Meditating in nature

This is beautiful, meditating in nature reminds me of when my partner and I went for an incredible bike ride in Queenstown, New Zealand and we stopped at a lookout, found a spot to sit and just meditated.

These moments in nature I suggest to stop, sit and really focus on the sounds of nature around you. The things you'll hear will just make you fall in love with life again.

Focus on breathing, then all the sounds you're able to hear. Followed by the temperature of and the scent of the air.

Meditating in a studio

Studio time is great if you are finding it hard to meditate alone. Sometimes joining up to a group meditation will help push you to maintain the focus for longer.

I don't know about you but when I go to the gym, I always work out so much harder when I train in a group class.

Same goes with meditation, if I know I need a deeper or longer meditation then I will absolutely be joining a class. I know I will stay focused, I know I won't get up to leave and I absolutely love the connection I feel when the whole hour has passed and I'm able to speak with the ones around me.

Just knowing that I'm in a safe space with people around me that only want the best for humanity gives me a really good feeling.

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